Keeping Pets Active During COVID19 Lockdown

As we all cope with trying to stay active during the COVID19 lockdown, it’s important to remember that our furry kids need to get some exercise as well. Our friend Spencer Rubin from Play.Fit.Fun shared this great article with tips on how to keep our pets active during this challenging time. We hope you’ll use some of these tips to make some play for your dog or cat, and please stay safe and follow the distancing guidelines until we get past this event. Here’s the article…

They are likely quite happy that everyone is around more.  However, as we move more into new routines, it will be more important than ever to not forget your 4-legged family members.

You are now moving more into a routine where the pets might be forgotten a bit more…as you will be working from home AND trying to help your kids do their school work on line, at home!

It’s more important than ever to keep moving… both for you and your pets.  We have some great ideas and reminders for you:

  • Walking and running:  Keep walking, running, hiking with your dog!  It’s great for body, mind and psyche…and the same is true for your pets as well!
  • Puzzles:  Pets love challenges, especially ones that give them some reward.  Try hiding treats inside a puzzle game, or stuff a treat inside one of your pet’s toys.  Play hide-and-seek by covering yourself in a blanket.  You can flip the switch and make them find their way out from underneath the blanket or an old shirt too.
  • Practice old tricks or teach new ones:  Another way to challenge your pet and reward them is to work on tricks.  Practice the basics and try adding some new moves to the mix. Looking for something more advanced?  Have your pet perform their tricks in a specific sequence or randomize the order entirely.
  • Create an obstacle course:  Save your water bottles or cans and form a maze for your pet.  Place some treats along the path to lead your pet to the finish line.  Make sure to capture the action on video so you can upload it later and show off your pet’s skills to the world.  You can also do this around the house, furniture, etc…
  • Play fetch:  Without the expansive grassy areas of a park, you’ll be limited when throwing a toy indoors. You can get around that by throwing the toy up or down the stairs or in an empty hallway.  It’s also an excellent opportunity to practice the “sit” and “stay” commands. You can also try chasing your pet or, more likely, having them chase you.

All of these are going to be fun breaks for you and your family as well!

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