At Rock Creek Kennels, we want to help you rest at ease that your dog or cat will rest at ease when they stay with us.

Here is our Pet Boarding checklist:
  • Have you filled out or submitted the Welcome Document?
  • If bringing your own food is it bagged into per meal portions with a couple of extras?
  • We provide bedding so you don’t have to.
  • To ensure the best possible animal care and boarding experience, provide the kennel with your current veterinary records for each stay.
  • To minimize the chance of an upset stomach, don’t feed your pet for at least four hours prior to dropping them off and for three hours after picking them up.
  • Be sure to inform the staff of any pet care, idiosyncrasies or medical problems (such as fear of thunder, or epilepsy, etc.).
  • Socialize your pets as much as possible so they’re comfortable around other animals and people.
  • Don’t ‘make a scene’ when leaving your pet behind, as it may cause stress.
  • If your pet is on any medications, be sure to let the staff know about them, the dosage and provide enough medication to cover your stay and then some (in the event of an unexpected extension of your travel plans).
  • Provide emergency contact information as well as your veterinarian’s contact information.

Required Vaccines

For dogs over six months we require current rabies, distemper (dhlpp), bordetella vaccines, and Canine Influenza (CIV H3N2 & H3N8) For dogs under six months of age, they must have a minimum of two dhlpp, and bordetella. Cats over six months must have current rabies and distemper (fvrcp). For kittens under six months, a minimum of two fvrcp’s is required. For both dog’s and cat’s, written documentation from a Veterinarian showing vaccines is required.

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