At Rock Creek Kennels, we treat every dog that stays with us like family!

Whether your dog is boarding with us for one night or several weeks, our professional, Certified staff cut no corners to ensure your pet has the most comfortable, low-stress visit possible. We pamper every visitor to our kennel by delivering on a seven point hospitality checklist that means your pet will get only the very best!

In 2020 we’ve repainted the kennel and installed new turf in the exercise yard!

Rock Creek Kennels dog boarding hospitality checklist:

At Rock Creek Kennel, we’re dedicated to providing an uncommon level of care to our canine and feline boarders. After all, to us they’re family! We take every step possible to provide individual attention to ensure the comfort of our boarders. Each room is temperature controlled so we can match as closely as possible their home environment and our buildings are exceptionally well-insulated to guard against the heat of summer and the chill of winter. An emergency power source is also on hand to guard against power outages. We also play music 24 hours a day so your pet won’t feel alone.

Each day of your pet’s visit we’ll meticulously clean and disinfect his or her individual space. In addition, rooms, patios, and play areas are maintained to the standards of the most discriminating dog. To ensure this safe and hygienic environment we will not accept dogs suffering from, or suspected to be suffering from, any infectious or contagious disease.

Each dog that stays with us will have its own private room with an attached, fully-enclosed patio for exercise. As mentioned above, all rooms are temperature controlled for maximum comfort. In addition, during the summer we use  misters in the patio area and the exercise yards. Of course comfortable bedding is provided in each room to maximize your pet’s comfort while with us.

Pet suites are now available at Rock Creek Kennels!

View our Pet Suites Page

During their stay they will receive:

  • Spacious 9’x 5′ private room with attached private yard
  • Individual TV and radio
  • Plush memory foam bed
  • A stuffed bedtime Kong toy

We feed our boarding dogs only premium pet food, but understand that some pets require a special diet. You can supply your own food if it’s pre-bagged in individual bags for each meal, plus one or two extras in case of later pick up.

All guests of Rock Creek Kennels have access to individual patio areas where they can stretch their legs. Your dog receives two visits to the exercise yard each day, included in your basic boarding fee. At your request, for a small fee, the staff will walk your dog on a leash or provide free-range individual time in large exercise paddocks. We try to provide as much freedom as possible but your pet’s security is a primary concern. With that in mind we’ve created safety corridors adjacent to outside play-areas and all doors and gates have locks on them. Our outdoor play areas are equipped with artificial turf, which our visitors love, as it keeps them clean and is easily sanitized to ensure good hygiene and health for your family member.

Now offering hot oil treatments and mud baths!

Nothing tops off a day of heavy play or an extended visit like a refreshing bath. At your request, your dog can enjoy a luxurious bath and brushing for a small additional fee.


Note: Special prices may be arranged for more than one pet and for boarding periods exceeding 30 days.

For dogs over six months we require current rabies, distemper (dhlpp), bordetella vaccines, and Canine Influenza (CIV H3N2 & H3N8). For dogs under six months of age, they must have a minimum of two dhlpp, Canine Influenza (CIV H3N2 & H3N8) and  Bordetella. Cats over six months must have current rabies and distemper (FVRCP). For kittens under six months, a minimum of two FVRCPs is required. For both dog’s and cat’s, written documentation from a Veterinarian showing vaccines is required.

  • Rock Creek Kennels Since 1995
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Excellent References
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